Way Female Bodies React to Weight Gain

Most of professionals, through their thorough research, realize the bodies react differently when it comes to weight gain. Their researches show that there’re a lot of reasons for the proneness to gain weight subsequently of women than those of men. Not in terms of feeding, the women are the high feeders but it is biological in nature for women to convert most of their consumed products to fats and therefore add on more weight from time to time.


The women have some kind of links to imbalances in body hormones and this is what leads to weight gain because of the alteration of the body processes. Researches by experts have shown that the imbalances can be totally attributed to biological processes such as aging or menopausal, and this is therefore treatable and can be handled well in advance before it occurs. The type of female weight gain generally has to be considered as a kind of epidemic and this is a world wide thing which has been affecting women and needs proper care and attention.


The good thing is that, gaining weight in female cannot be related directly to complications like obesity. For the medics, there are several medical cases where they advice the women on gaining weight for a total recovery from complications for instance anorexia and bulimia which are very common to women. For others there is a great need of weight gain for them to develop a good shape and tone it perfectly to make it look sexy and with a style and this is the best approach for such an appearance.


However, anyone who gets focus to gain weight should make it professional. Do not go for junk foods thinking that it will be the solution for your weight gain, be smart and eat the right food types which are a balanced diet. The intake of several types of foods is what will be important since it will determine how much of the calories are deposited within the body. Make sure that as a woman body builder, all the food types geared towards weight gain are healthy in nature and have a good combination which will bring positive results. For instance, the diet should not lack vegetables, lean meats, fruits, and beans. These are some of the essentials but it is rather important to conduct a research on the different types of foods and know the best combination you can come up with fro your body building diet.


For all the women who aspire to gain weight for health or may be aesthetic purposes, take in mind that, this is not an easy task and it will require concentration and input of many resources and they have to be ready for such. Always regulate calorie levels within the body and trim all junks in your diet while at the same time maintain light meals which will keep the body healthy and strong for a long time. The secret to all this is maintaining a healthy body and never compromise on any activity that will endanger the individual health.


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How You Can Lose Weight Build Muscle

Are you trying to get in better shape? Are you wondering what you can do to get your body to look better and feel better? If so, you should learn about how you can lose weight build muscle. Both of these things are key to getting the body that you want. It may take some time, but anything worth doing is worth doing right, especially when it comes to your body and your health.

One of the first things that you should do is start a weight lifting routine. Muscle burns more calories than fat. The more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn. Lifting weights is key to helping you lose weight build muscle. However, it needs to be done appropriately. Start off with lighter weights to see what you can handle and then work up to more weights. Starting off with too much weight can cause you injuries. Also, make sure that you are lifting weights appropriately. If you are not using the proper movements and techniques you will not get the results that you want, and again, you could end up injuring yourself.

Doing the above is key. The next step that you should take in order to lose weight build muscle is to add aerobic exercise to your routine. Ideally, you should do this at least four times a week for at least thirty minutes at a time. Aerobic exercises including walking, running, jogging, biking, swimming, etc. Anything that gets you moving and increases your heart rate is aerobic exercise.

Finally, one more key step to lose weight and build muscle is to improve your diet. A diet that is high in fat will lead to a body that is high in fat. You should cut out as much fat and simple carbohydrates from your diet as possible. You should add fruits, vegetables, grains and lean proteins. All of those foods will help you to both lose weight and to gain muscle. Once you know the steps to take, you can get the results that you desire. The harder you work at it, the faster you will begin to see results.

Also pay close attention bellow…

Muscle Building

To begin with, that the traditional three meals a day with the inevitable snacking in between gives somewhere in 2000-2500 calories. Almost no one “weak hearted” lover, sitting on such a diet is not able to build a decent mass. So, if you train exactly in line with my requirements, good sleep, live stress free and yet not growing, you do not have enough calories. That’s all.

In order for your muscle mass has gone into growth, you need to eat more. But before you take the start in this business, you need to understand the following three parameters diet.

So the first thing.
You should eat foods rich in nutrients. If you thought I said banal stupidity, then you simply do not understand me. The dishes, which we are accustomed to eat, it is “weak” in terms of usefulness. Take those same soups. The concentration of amino acids in the broth is minimal, well boiled pieces of vegetables and do useless. How many have to eat the soup, to extract from him anything for muscle growth? Already, at least, not one dish or even two. Or another example: a burger. When frying it abundantly impregnated with fat. Fat is known to be the most energy-intensive products. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, but carbohydrates and proteins – only 4. For this reason, even a small but thick steak will leave you feeling pleasant satiety. You’d think that ate a five-plus, but actually uploaded a stupid “fat” calories, whereas you need calories from protein and carbohydrates. Do you understand? Need products that are useful to you as a bodybuilder: a piece of lean beef grilled, boiled chicken, protein enriched pasta, brown rice, wholemeal bread, svezheotzhatye juices, salads, fresh fruit, nuts.
You must know your basic level of energy consumption (BU). Briefly explain what it is. It is about the amount of energy that is needed for your body to the heart beating, lungs breathing, worked as the liver and muscles, etc. The growth we are now and do not stutter – it’s completely different matter. So, you need to know exactly how many calories your body need to live (and not build muscle). In practice, this is what usually happens. Amateur reproduces itself in the hall, but eats very scant and incomplete. His muscles need energy for growth, but the organism is, of course, received no “calories from those that are needed for normal functioning of the internal organs. Here’s a simple secret to failure. So that the muscles grow, you need energy “surplus” in excess of the basic energy requirements. But how to define it, if you do not know your rig? In fact, there are formulas for calculating the ECU at the rate of weight gain, exercise, etc. However, these formulas give a very approximate result. Well, from my own experience I know that the issue of calories should be extremely accurate. In addition, each of us unique. Variability of the huge, so I advise you to leave the formula poboku and walk another way. Within three weeks should count on a conductor of the food calories (assuming that your weight remains constant). And then you can easily compute srednearifmetichesky indicator of daily energy requirements. This will be your ECU. I stress that it is yours, and not derived through a strange formula. I think, further logic steps you will understand. If you eat just enough calories, your weight remains stable. If more – is growing. Less – you lose weight.

You have to train properly. In this case it means – with a sufficient interval of rest between workouts. If the holiday you will not be enough, then begin to accumulate fatigue. Well, in a state of chronic fatigue a person loses weight, no matter how much eaten. So what happens, you are a fool. Begin to increase caloric intake, and impact as there was no, or not. And now, the specific steps. Add exactly 100 calories to your baseline energy level and 2-3 weeks stand in front of a mirror and examine yourself critically – not whether the increased amount of subcutaneous fat. If fat is not increased, add another 100 calories and there could look in the mirror almost every day. Continue to add the calories every week until they find a slight increase in Zhirkov. All stop! Bid up more calories is not necessary. From now on, the scales begin to show steady addition of your weight. Stay at this level of calories as much as will grow heavy. When the weight gain stops, you need to analyze your training, suddenly stopping the growth caused by overtraining? The more so for a period of weight gain you will become stronger and seriously increased workloads. If everything is in order, increase the daily caloric another 100-200 calories.

“Why is not the hurry? Again, for the reason that we are all different. Easy to say, eat up to 4000 calories a day and the muscles, like Dorian Yatsa, in your pocket. Someone’s stomach learns these most calories and, as they say, do not frown. Well, someone “picks” his digestion, and for one month, so much so that it will take care physicians. Someone’s body is able to convert the extra calories into muscle, but someone such a diet for a couple of months easily turn into a dimensionless overweight. In short, then extreme caution is needed, each of us has a genetic ceiling in the assimilation of calories. Hasty steps, and even contrary to nature, will not lead to anything good.

A gradual increase in calories will help your digestion to adjust to overwork the “extra” calories for him. In addition, you will know exactly how much food you can eat, do not get fat. The latter is especially important for an amateur. Traced the muscles and do not let these large volumes, look much more impressive than the bloated fat.

Efficiency of digestion is largely dependent on the nature of food. In principle, solid food is digested is worse than a liquid or semi-liquid. So that the more carefully you chew, the better. However, over the years of sedentary work all the muscle tissue, including stomach, lose their contractile ability. As a result, formally healthy stomach is working a lot worse. You should bear this in mind when you start to eat more. There is a reason to “assist” the stomach, taking food in a liquid or semi-liquid form – mashed, liquid, cereals, etc.

And yet. You must understand that to sit on high-calorie diet can be only during periods of intense training. Otherwise, the excess calories postponed under your skin. At the beginning of each training cycle should reduce some of the daily caloric content, because at this stage, the muscles do not grow, and therefore not in need of supplementary feeding. With increasing intensity of workouts daily calorie intake, it is understandable, it is necessary to increase.

Can I build muscle and get rid of fat?
The growth of muscle tissue in a scientific way is called anabolism. And “burning” of fat – is, on the contrary, the destruction of body tissues, in this case – the fat. And it is called catabolism. Both these states are complete opposites of each other. And in one organism are incompatible. This is the answer to the question. In other words, your body may be either in a state of anabolism or catabolism. Or do you lose weight, or dial muscle. No middle ground. True, exceptions are possible – with the help of Pharmacology.

In connection with this should give an explanation for beginners, amateurs, inscribed in the gym to lose weight. When you start to swing, it would indicate a transfer of the organism into a state of anabolism, ie, growth. This, in turn, means that growth will begin to anything that can grow. Will grow muscle, but at the same time will increase and the thickness of fat tissue. There’s no escape. So instead of losing weight you get even more fat.

In ancient times, bullies do not really bother the accumulation of body fat while building muscle. Like, when you eat to satiety, like it or not you start gorging. Important – is to start the process of muscle growth, and the fat, we then we will manage somehow.

Many “stars” of the 60’s in the offseason swelled to the size of the elephant, sometimes picking up to 50 pounds overweight. After that, they rushed to the other extreme – the transition from “obzhiralovki” on meat and water. And indeed rounded up a huge amount of fat. Clearly, this is costly to their health.

Today in bodybuilding on this other strategy. If you see that in the period set mass you have touched with increasing body fat, go for a few months to a program sgonke subcutaneous fat to the level of 12% (not more!). Then again, return to building muscle. But it is slightly cut daily calories to fat under the skin accumulates more slowly than in the past cycle. After earning a 15% fat, once again interrupt the cycle of “weight loss” and again surges fat to 10-12%.

With this approach, work on the “relief” does not entail the destruction of the muscles. In fact, get rid of 3% of excess body fat – it’s nothing that does not require any wear aerobic loads, no specific victims in terms of diet. From each new cycle “with a lot of” you’ll leave with tangible allowance (it will not destroy the aerobics). And yet, at 10-12% body fat you will look quite decent. Of course, not as a pro on the catwalk, but the “cubes” will look through the press quite clearly.

Initially, the maintenance of such impressive form (if you’re interested in it) will give you hard, but with each new cycle of experience will be more and more, so as to facilitate cycles. The case is over the fact that you’re going to do on the machine.

beginner workout

Find the female muscle building Truth

Women today, more than ever before, are turning to bodybuilding to acquire the lean, curvy physique that they’ve dreamt of having. The process of female bodybuilding begins to make many women start to feel better about themselves as well as make them look and feel healthier and younger. Female bodybuilders face two major benefits: better looks and better health.

There surely are some differences between exercise regimens made for men and those made for women, but rest assured, the differences aren’t too great. Men and women have the same number of muscles with them only slightly differing in relative location. Normally, however, what works for men, will for women as well. Women produce much less testosterone, so the difference is in the results, not the exercise. The difference is just between the two sexes. This condition just is: men will always build muscle faster and more of it than women. The reason women have a tendency to gain fat much faster is because they produce more estrogen. Despite the difference in biology of men and women, a proper exercise program and a good diet will help women attain her goals as well.

There exist lots of beliefs that exercising causes muscle to turn into fat if they exercise too vigorously. They believe that the muscle that they worked for will simply turn into fat. This isn’t true at all. Its simply impossible for that to happen because fat will never just appear from muscle.

A woman will only gain fat if she stops exercising and starts eating more calories and burning less than the intake. Professional bodybuilders, if they stop exercising, may begin to gain fat if they aren’t careful and don’t perform exercises properly.

Women are able to benefit from a bodybuilding regimen just as well as men. The key to it is being committed. Determination and focus will definitely be required during the process. The process might actually be fun, but work too. Those that end up sticking to the program have acknowledged that the program is worth it. There will need to be some changes in lifestyle if you’re going to be successful.

To start off, check your eating habits. Diet is vital to an ideal body. A big change that you’ll need to make is to consume six or seven small meals in the place of three large ones. This will keep your metabolism in top gear, letting you have more energy anytime in the day.

You’ll want to have lots of compound exercises when you create your workout plan. These exercises work lots of muscles at the same time, rather than the isolated muscle groups done by isolation exercises. What doing compound exercises does is it encourages muscle growth through the body. Bench presses, squats, and dead lifts are perfect compound exercises as they pack on the muscle.

Lots of people don’t remember that rest is a vital component in bodybuilding. Yes, rest. that’s because muscles don’t grow as you are exercising them. Exercise damages muscle and this muscle is repaired while resting, so that you may place more demands onto them. Your muscles, without rest, wont grow so you should try to go for eight hours of shuteye per night while napping whenever possible.

Discover more about losing body fat and suggested program to become a female fitness model here. Click the The fitness model program to Read more…

Truth About Muscle Gain – The Muscle Gain Truth No Fail System Review

Truth About Muscle Gain

There are more pieces of information about gaining muscle today than ever. The only problem is who you believe and who do you pass on by. Well if you have been embarrassed to take off your shirt at the beach or anywhere for that matter, the Muscle Gain Truth is here to turn your life around and get you the body that you have been dreaming of. And, you don’t have to work out for hours at the gym just to accomplish this. In fact, you are about to learn that some of the equipment you may be using is actually preventing you from gaining the muscle that you want.

1. No Pills.

This is not a system that you can take a magic pill and gain the muscle over night. In fact, when you take supplements you are only harming your body and putting yourself in danger of more harm than good. You can get to where you want to be naturally and the Muscle Gain Truth program is going to show you just what you need to do in order to be healthy during the entire process of your body transformation. So if you are taking pills in order to improve upon your body it is time to throw them away and get in shape the right way. Truth About Muscle Gain

2. Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason the system seems to not work for you than all you have to do is simply send an email and you will be able to get your money back with no questions asked. This means that you have nothing to lose with the Muscle Gain Truth system and everything to gain.

3. Should You Get The Muscle Gain Truth?

Obviously your current program is not working for you or you would not be here. So, instead of spending all of the money you are at the gym or on the worthless supplements that you are taking, this is the program that you need to try and once you do, you will stick with it and become a better and new improved you. Take the step to greatness and throw the shirts away. Truth About Muscle Gain

Want to get fit and Gain Muscle?

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Gaining Muscle Diet – Build Mass Fast With the Best Gaining Muscle Diet

What most people who try to build muscle don’t realize is that the most important piece of the puzzle is your gaining muscle diet. You can train your heart out and leave everything on the gym room floor, but you will never build an ounce of mass without a proper gaining muscle diet.

This article will teach you the best gaining muscle diet. At the end of the article, discover the best, most proven system for building muscle, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds of mass in just 6 months!

Ignore Atkins – Eat Your Carbs!

With the low carb dieting fad still in full swing, even muscle builders are avoiding carbs like the plague. This is unfortunate, because the best gaining muscle diet contains plenty of complex carbs at the right times of the day to maximize performance in the weight room.

It is best to consume carbs from whole, complex sources such as whole grains, breads, and potatoes. These carbs will give you lasting energy to really give it your all in the gym. Eat them for breakfast and around training time to get the best effect.

Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

There has been an unfortunate correlation made between eating dietary fat and gaining body fat that is simply false. Fat is an essential nutrient for building muscle, and the best gaining muscle diet will contain it in the proper amounts.

You need to be sure to eat fat that comes from quality sources such as red meats, fatty fish, eggs, nuts and healthy oils. Aim for an even balance between saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids to ensure proper hormone function and muscle recovery.

Get TONS Of Protein

The most important nutrient for building muscle is without a doubt protein. Protein is the building block for new muscle tissue, and your body needs a ton of it. You should aim for about 2 grams of protein per pound of your own body weight every single day.

This means that a 200 pound man needs about 400 grams of protein every day to grow optimally. This may seem like a lot, and it is, but the best diet gaining muscle diet requires it. Get the protein from lean, complete sources such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and poultry.

Follow A Proven Muscle Building System!

Gain More Muscle With the Right Bodybuilding Diet

If you want to build muscle on your body, and lose fat, you may benefit from a bodybuilding diet. There are many options and you can try several different plans to see what works best for you. No matter how hard you train and work out, however, your results will always be better if your diet lines up with your ultimate goal.

When you think of the word “diet,” you may think of deprivation. In the case of a bodybuilding diet, you will not go hungry. Your diet will refer to the choices you make each day when it comes to food. If you will be working out a lot and want to build muscle, you do not want to starve yourself. Your body is going to need energy in order to keep running.

Your bodybuilding diet should consist of smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. This will keep you from getting hungry and your blood sugar levels will stay more even. This will allow you to have more energy for longer periods of time. Each meal you eat should have some carbs, protein, and good fats. When bodybuilding, do not keep your caloric intake at the same level each day. You do not want your metabolism to get used to anything. If you keep it guessing, you will be able to lose fat and build muscle faster.

When considering what you should eat in order to reach your goals, you might also want to add other supplements. There are plenty of vitamins as well as drinks and shakes on the market that can help you gain energy and enhance your performance in the gym. You may consider supplements like vitamin C, fish oils, or protein powders. There are also performance enhancing supplements that can help you gain muscle at a faster rate. You will want to be sure to check with your doctor before starting any vitamin or supplement regimens.

Bodybuilding is a science and what you eat needs to work along with your training. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with each meal. You may have heard that you need extra protein to build more muscle, but you still need fruits and vegetables in order to keep your body running smoothly. You will also want to limit your intake of sugars and fats so that your fat levels can decrease as your muscles increase.

One of the best things you can do on a diet of any kind is drink plenty of water. When you work out strenuously, you will need lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Water can also help keep you feeling full and energized. It is good for you in every way.

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5 Female Fat Loss Secrets

5 Secrets to Burn Stubborn Female Fat & Lose Inches from Your Tummy, Hips & Thighs

If you are sick of not losing fat but doing endless hours of
cardio, “classes”, and light weight exercises, then you are in the right

Let’s start with this, depending on cardio only to lose inches is a dead-
end game. It just won’t happen. Regardless of what you have been told
the endless cardio sessions are not the answer.

Okay, So What are the Answers? Good Question!! You ready here we go?

Secret #1 – Use Interval Training, Not Cardio

There have been many scientific research studies showing
interval training to be more effective than cardio for fat loss in women. Interval training
can and does give maximum results in minimal time.

And who has the time to get involved with those marathon cardio workouts?

I know there are probably some of you who have been doing cardio for years, and at first you
probably lost some weight, but then it stopped. Am I right?

You probably thought or were told you needed to do more. But if you are already spending 5 -6 hours

a week on a treadmill then, Where was there time to do more?

Get yourself turned on to Interval Training.

Short burst exercise is the key.

Secret #2 – Nutrition is the #1 Factor for Fat Loss

I hate to break it to you but what you eat really is the #1 factor. There really is
no way around it. Now alot of so called experts will use the marathon workout
excuse to ingest more carbs and sugar.

I have literally heard trainers tell people with the amount of cardio they do that
alot pf carbs. Another Female Fat Loss lie.

 That doesn’t help you lose inches. In fact, all these carbohydrates and extra
calories are keeping the inches glued to your waist, hips, and thighs.

The fastest way to get them off is to limit your carbohydrate intake to
almost entirely fruits and vegetables, and to eliminate processed
carbohydrates from a bag or a box.

So addressing your “cardio and diet” issues are two of the biggest
factors in getting inches off, but the next tip was the real key behind
permanent fat loss.

Secret #3 – Use Bodyweight Exercises to Boost Metabolism and Sculpt Your Body

Ladies another huge female weight loss lie is that you should be
doing light dumbbell exercises, but light execises are not going to make
an impact on your body. It is a waste of your time.

Bodyweight exercises can be a very powerful fat loss workout. And the
beauty of it is you don’t need any equipment.

But you have said in other articles women should do heavy weight training
and kettlebell workouts?

Yes I have and you should but I will get to that in a minute.

Secret #4 – To Get A Trim Waistline – Crunches Are Useless – But Total Body Ab Exercises Work!

Now you are going to look at this list of ab exercises and think this guy’s nut’s.
Another Fat loss lie doing endless ab specific exercises.

Mountain Climbers
Spiderman Climbs
Stability Ball Jackknives
Side Planks
Cross-Body Mountain Climbers
Stability Ball Rollouts
are the ab exercises you should be doing.

No more 500-crunch workouts for Annie. Instead, she would get more results
in much less time, and with less than 50 repetitions of her new total body
ab exercises.

Secret #5 – When You Use Weights, Do Less Reps

This One Bugs Me To No End.

For decades, women were told to use light weights and high reps to tone
their muscles. But do you know anyone who has had success with that? And
none of the women I’ve trained ever had a trainer show them how to do
pushups or chinups. It was so sad that they had wasted thousands of dollars
on trainers who did not respect their physical ability.

I told you this gets me fired up. You need to be using a weight that let’s
you do 8 reps with good form.

If you want a healthy feminine body go read this article: Train Like A Man Especially If You Are A woman

No woman gets big and bulky training this way. Not if she follows my 5 female fat loss

Bonus Secret #5 – Get On The Kettlebell Craze

Whether you know it or not, training with kettlebells is a fantastic and efficient way to shed unwanted fat. Within weeks of starting to use kettlebells, you should feel a difference in your strength and cardiovascular abilities. You may even notice your clothes getting looser right away.

To read more on all these secrets check out the article Your Fat Loss Goals: Are You Missing These Elements

Muscle Gaining Diet – 2 Important Tips For Your Muscle Gaining Diet

If you visit any gym or talk to your fellow bodybuilders, you might find that many people really do train hard, however misguided their efforts may be. However, it is not often that you find someone who also knows how to put together and follow a good muscle gaining diet.

This article will explain 2 of the most important tips for a good muscle gaining diet. At the end of the article, discover the best, most proven system for building muscle fast, and learn how you can gain up to 40 pounds of muscle in just 6 months.

1. Protein Is The Key!

I don’t care what the latest article in some fitness magazine says about your body only being able to digest X grams of protein per day or per sitting, or whatever. You need to eat A LOT of protein in your muscle gaining diet if you want to really make progress.

A rule of thumb that I have successfully followed is to take my body weight and multiply it by 2 to get the number of protein grams I need to eat per day. In my case, I would multiply 250 by 2 to find that I need to get 500 grams of protein per day. Yes that’s a lot, but it’s worth the results.

This protein should come primarily from lean, complete sources such as lean red meats, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy. Focus mainly on the animal protein, however, it’s really the best for building muscle. Spread your intake out over the whole day, eating protein at least every 3 hours.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Carbs OR Fats

Carbs and fats, often thought of as the “energy” nutrients, have both gotten bad rap at some time or another. Some bodybuilders avoid both! This is a recipe for disaster. These are both important nutrients that your body needs for sufficient energy, proper hormone function, and muscle recovery.

Carbs should be obtained from complex sources like grains, breads, and starchy vegetables like potatoes. They should also be consumed primarily in the morning and before and after training. These are times when your body is most likely to use them as energy for training.

Fats should be eaten from healthy sources like fatty fish, oils, nuts, eggs, and some fattier red meat. To avoid fat gain and get the most out of the dietary fat, eat fats primarily in meals that don’t contain significant carbs. They are essential for proper muscle recovery.

Follow A Proven Muscle Building System!

Muscle Building Diet

Discovering the Benefits of a Muscle Building Diet

Many have discovered the benefits from a muscle building diet and how effective it is for getting into great physical shape. This kind of a diet is not so much about losing weight but losing fat. It is a re-proportioning of the body’s weight so to speak. Lose the fat and increase your strength is the main focus for this kind of regimen.

Effective for Young or Older

It does not matter if you are 16 or 60 a muscle building diet can be effective getting into shape. This is accomplished through a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. This of course is strengthened by a sensible diet. The aerobic aspect will burn fat and the anaerobic aspect will build muscle. Paired with a sensible diet plan the body can be supplied with healthy nutrition. It only takes moderate amount of commitment and determination to consistently complete the program. About 3 days per week and an hour and half is all that is needed to produce outstanding results in about 90 days.

Long Term Benefits

Beginning a muscle building diet will produce a host of long term health and performance benefits. Consistent anaerobic training will increase muscle mass as well as strengthen individual muscles. No form of exercise burns more calories then anaerobic strength training. Without strength training the muscles only begin to atrophy and lose strength over time. This trend is almost immediately reversed when a strength training routine begins. Strength training is progressive resistance training which strengthens the muscles, tendons and bones. Improved bone density results from the progressive resistance placed on muscles and tendons.

Progressive Results

When beginning a muscle building diet always start off on the low end of the weight scale. You can always increase more weight as you become comfortable handling it. By beginning on the low end you will also prevent and reduce the chance of straining or injuring muscles. The term progressive resistance means making improvements by increment, not in leaps. If you are beginning a strength training program for the first time in a long time proceed with caution on weight selection. Those with an above average strength level going in will use starting weights that are higher then those with below average strength. Ask the professional trainer at the club or studio to assist you in weight selection when in doubt.


A muscle building diet has a lot of benefits to offer those with the discipline and motivation to engage in it. Age is not a barrier for anyone with the desire to improve their strength, endurance and physical condition. Consuming about 30% of your calories in good lean protein will also give your muscles the protein they need to become toned. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while cutting back on the sweets will help to burn more fat. By using the combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, while eating healthy, will not only burn fat but get you into the best shape of your life.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have tried many weight loss and fitness programs. I have also written several reviews of some of the top weight loss programs, which you can see on my website at http://www.weightlossattack.com. This website was set up for anyone wishing to lose weight, and is designed to give advice and plans for fat loss, toning muscle and general weight loss.