Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Men – 2 Men Diets For Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle and Toning Up

Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Men

Diet plans for men are not that different from those of women. They are the same except men are more interested in gaining more muscle than women who mostly want to lose weight and tone up. Men diets tend to focus on weight loss and gaining muscle at the same time. This is a good idea but not all diets can guide you to lose weight and gain muscle. Some men diets only focus on helping you lose weight. As a man who is overweight, you may want to gain some muscle or get some abs after you lose weight. What are these weight loss diet plans for men?

2 Diet Plans For Men

The first men diet plan is called Turbulence Training which has been around for a while now. Turbulence training is a workout program that involves a combination of resistance training , body weight exercises, and interval training that is used for metabolism so that your body burns calories and fat between workouts. This program has a diet generator to make sure you are on a healthy diet while you are working out to lose weight. This can be a perfect program for men who want to lose weight and gain serious muscle. Turbulence training weight loss program is also not friendly to everyone. The reason being it involves intense workouts that can overwhelm an individual who has never been to the gym. It is expensive too as you can end up spending almost hundred dollars for the deluxe edition. Turbulence training is more focused on working out than dieting, this can be a bad thing for men who want only diet or do simple exercises at home and while dieting. Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Men

Another men diet plan I really like is called Strip That Fat Diet. This program is the best if your goal to lose weight and gain muscle is through dieting. How can someone gain muscle by just dieting?, Eating the right diet that speeds up your metabolism to burn calories can help you lose weight and at the same time gain muscle. This program can work for any man and is user friendly. You don’t have to do intense workouts like those in turbulence training. It has a diet generator tool that can help you create your own diets.This guide cannot lead you into starvation. Strip that fat covers the importance of exercising to lose weight fast and it also recommends the right exercises to do when you are on a diet.You can lose weight with this diet while enjoying the most delicious foods from the diet menu. A men diet plan like this one best fits individuals who have never been to the gym, guys who want to lose weight by mostly dieting, those who don’t want to starve in order to lose some weight and they want to enjoy eating while losing weight. This program is affordable too compared to many diet programs that cost hundreds of dollars.Therefore, strip that fat program is the best men diet plan I recommend.

These two diet plans for men I recommend will both teach you the healthy ways to lose weight. None of them will recommend you to take diet pills in order to lose weight. Diet pills and starvation are both unhealthy ways of losing weight. These men diets are suited for individuals who are serious about losing weight or burning excess fat and toning up. Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle For Men

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Protein – The Key To Muscle Gains

For years I struggled to gain and maintain my vertical. Once I figured out the following secret, I was accused of using steroids, which I don’t and never have. But the gains were significant enough that people started noticing. I’ll explain the secret to you here.

Proper nutrition is the most important factor in muscle gain. In fact, if you neglect this part of your training, you may find yourself suffering from muscle loss rather than realizing your muscle gain potential. The reason for this is because of anabolism and catabolism, talked about in detail here:

What your diet needs more than anything else

It’s protein. There’s a reason why this is the most important muscle-sustaining and -building element. Protein is what your muscles are actually made of.

Each protein is made up of amino acids which are classified in the two following categories:

Essential (must be obtained from food)
Nonessential (occurring naturally in the body).

In order for a protein to be usable it must have a full set of amino acids, both essential and nonessential. Many foods, although they contain protein, are not complete proteins and cannot be used for muscle growth.

Once you’re sure you’re getting enough protein, take a look at the amount of carbs you’re consuming. When you take a substantial amount of carbs after a workout, your body will release insulin, which will accelerate the pace in which nutrients are absorbed into the muscles.

Proteins and carbs are two of the most essential nutrients needed to increase your muscle gain. Make sure you’re getting enough of both so that your vertical will achieve its maximum growth.

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Want to Lose Weight? Diet Plan for Success

There is little doubt that obesity is a serious concern, and the motivator for many a lose weight diet plan.  The number of obese people continues to increase world- wide, and most of those people want to lose weight.  Diet plan after diet plan comes out, and the problem seems to grow, rather than shrink.  Why do you think this is?

If any of those plans were manageable for the long term they might work.  The fact is, though, that most diet plans were created by people who know nothing about nutrition, even less about what foods work best during weight loss and are simply out to make money from those who are unfortunate enough to have a significant weight problem.

Can We Fix the System?
Did you know that the average age when a girl starts to diet is now 8 years old?  Young girls are more afraid of being overweight than they are of nuclear war or of losing their parents.  There is something very wrong here. 

Do you know what the problem is?  The problem is that we no longer see food as life sustaining, we see it as the enemy – and considering the ingredients in most of the foods you will find at your supermarket, the image isn’t entirely wrong.

Rather than focus on teaching children to eat properly, nutritiously and happily, we load them down with chicken nuggets, soda and diet products and then expect them to stay healthy and slim.  By the time they reach adulthood their ideas about food are so skewed, it is no surprise that a majority of people fight weight issues for the rest of their lives.

Let’s get off this defective merry go round and start at square one.

Back to Basics
I’m not asking you to give up eating everything.  I am suggesting that you give up the foods that do little for you nutritionally, and certainly harm you when it comes to weight loss.  Top of the list – artificial sweeteners.

There isn’t a single sweetener that doesn’t have a questionable medical history.  Whether it is associated with cancer, inflammation, brain development issues or some other dread disease, artificial sweeteners also confuse the brain in a way that can hinder weight loss.  There is no reason to use any of them.  Either drink water, or, if you must have some tea or coffee, make sure you pick organic and then sweeten with either stevia or honey. At least your body can recognize those ingredients.

Next – eliminate commercial milk products.  If you really want to have milk products, and many people do, get raw milk products instead.  Those contain the digestive enzymes that will help your body to process the milk.

Commercial dairy farms routinely inject their cattle with hormones, antibiotics and goodness knows what else.  None of those things are good for you, and as your body works to break down those foreign substances, it can’t be breaking down fat.

Finally – start buying whole foods again.  Whole grains are infinitely superior to any refined grains.  Grass-fed meats that grew at their own pace offer less saturated fats, lots more omega 3s, and they contain more vitamin E and CLA, important ingredients in preventing a number of cancers.  Wild caught fish offers many of the same benefits, as does organically raised poultry. Each contains its own set of nutritional gold for you to enjoy.

Also make sure you get plenty of organic vegetables and fruits, since they provide fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Once you start eating this way you will wonder why you ever ate anything else.  This is the healthiest lose weight diet plan you can have–one that keeps you from getting hungry!

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Best Diet For Muscle Growth – The Best Build Muscle Diet Plan

Best Diet For Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding requires much more than an exercise program to succeed. You also need a good sound build muscle diet to ensure proper nutrition. Planning a good build muscle diet is not that difficult. It should be based upon eating the appropriate amount of high quality protein, in the form of food and shakes, and an appropriate amount of carbohydrates to supply the body with the energy needed to perform those exercises.

The Best Protein for a Build Muscle Diet

All protein provides nutrition required for muscle growth. As with any foods, there are some proteins that are better than others. According to experienced bodybuilders and trainers, the best foods for building muscle diets are skinless chicken breasts, egg whites, soy, and casein. Skinless chicken is a high-protein white meat that is low in saturated fat and high in amino acids. Egg whites are a great protein source without the cholesterol and fat that resides in the yolks. Best Diet For Muscle Growth

Whey, soy, and casein are usually found in the form of powdered supplements, which are great for mixing up healthful drinks and shakes that have proven to be of great benefit to building muscle. Soy is plant based protein, while casein is milk based. Whey is also a mild based protein that is easily absorbed into the muscles.

The Best Drinks for a Build Muscle Diet

Well made protein shakes are superior foods for a good building muscle diet. Shakes are easy to create and are so convenient for bodybuilders who are too busy to prepare and cook regular meals that are rich in protein. The best time to consume these protein shakes is in the morning before you start a workout, and again immediately after the workout. The best protein drinks are made up of an excellent balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

The Best Muscle Recovery Food for a Build Muscle Diet

Muscle recovery foods are meant to be consumed after a workout to repair the muscle that has been stressed during that workout. Exercise depletes muscles of glycogen and amino acids. It is important to restore the levels of these supplements in order to allow continued growth of the muscles. These muscle recovery foods are important staples for a good muscle building diet. They should be very high in protein and carbohydrates. Eating eggs, whole grains, chicken, and brown rice are perfect for muscle recovery. If you don’t have time to prepare whole foods, there are powdered supplements available to do the same job. Best Diet For Muscle Growth

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Weight Loss Diet Plans

While seeking for lose weight diets to help you lose weight, you owe it to
yourself to make a very vigilant choice. Losing weight is a serious
deal. It is not only about your outer appearance.

To lose weight is about your health, it is about a lifestyle change, your self esteem and a
host of other factors that may impact you and your family.

Your first step should be to determine who designed the diet program you are
interested in. Safe and real weight loss diets are the ones that were
carefully developed with the support and guidance from trained and
accredited dietitians, nutritionists and other health care professionals.

In addition, if any of the lose weight diets you are examining boast
“breakthrough” discoveries, do not just take the developers’ words for it.
Make sure that such discoveries are based on a sound scientific knowledge.
If you are not sure how to find that out, ask your doctor.

To create successful lose weight diets a lot of thought and effort needs to
be expended by the people who develop these diets. In any market a newly
developed product has to be promoted to reach the consumer. If you find a
diet whose promotional material, be it a video or a written opt-in sales
letter, looks unprofessional and sloppy do not consider it. It may be a
cliche, but as your health or well being may be at stake, definitely judge
the book by its cover.

If the person who created this diet did not take enough time to generate good promotional material, do you think this person would have taken the thorough care required to develop a health product? As
well, if after carefully examining the promotional material you feel that there is too much hype and it sounds like it is too good to be true, go with your feelings. It probably is too good to be true.

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Vegetarian Weight Loss – Weight Loss Tips For Vegetarians

Believe it or not, there are quite a few vegetarians that are overweight as well. Although many people think that being vegetarian leads to a healthy lifestyle. However, a vegetarian lifestyle has pitfalls of its own and people that lead this life can still end up being overweight. The great news is that there are some great weight loss tips for vegetarians that can help them to lose weight. If you are interested in vegetarian weight loss, here is a look and some good tips and ideas to help you to lose weight.

Pitfalls to Your Diet
First of all, if you are interested in vegetarian weight loss, you need to understand that there are some pitfalls to your diet that may be causing you to gain weight and keeping you from being able to lose. One of the most common pitfalls for vegetarians is eating fast foods that are vegetarian. Just because they are vegetarian doesn’t mean they are good for you. If you are grabbing fries or desserts at fast food restaurants, this could be your problem. Sometimes vegetarians fall into the pitfall of eating too much cheese. Cheeses are allowed on vegetarian diets, and if you are eating full fat cheeses, you could be causing your own problem. Eating the wrong vegetarian snacks can also be a problem, packing on the pounds.

Importance of Exercise
Inactivity is one of the biggest reasons that vegetarians end up gaining pounds. If you are interested in vegetarian weight loss, the exercise is going to be extremely important. You can cut meat products out of your diet, but that isn’t going to help you with weight loss unless you become active. Exercise is one of your biggest friends when you need to lose some weight. Add this to your vegetarian diet and losing the weight will become much easier for you.

Overcoming Obstacles on a Vegetarian Diet
Now that you understand some of the obstacles you face when you are on a vegetarian diet, you may be wondering how you can overcome them. There are many simple tips that can help you get over the obstacles and lose the weight you want to.

– Tip #1 – Start going with cheeses that are low fat. This will save you big time on fats and will help you to achieve the weight loss you want.
– Tip #2 – Avoid the fast foods. Instead of hitting fast foods that are vegetarian friendly, keep meal choices around that you can make quickly for a healthy meal that is still quick.
– Tip #3 – You should also make sure that you keep healthy snacks around so you don’t binge on snacks that are unhealthy. Keep fruits around to snack on, such as grapes and apples, and good veggies for snacking include celery and carrots.

It is possible to lose weight while on a vegetarian diet. With these tips you can definitely start working towards your weight loss goals. Even though it is a good choice to go without means, it may not be helpful to your diet goals. So always make sure you make healthy choices for meals to achieve those weight loss goals you are striving for.

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Diet Chart for Weight Loss – Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal for many people. There is no universal recipe that will work for everybody and each individual loses weight in his or hers particular manner. One thing, though, all those desiring to lose weight need to have in common: will and determination. A diet plan for weight loss is an effective tool because it will help you organize and have an overview idea on what you need to do. A good plan is going to help you be aware at all points of the dos and don’ts of losing weight in your case.

A diet chart for weight loss might be extremely effective because it will make it easier for you to keep track of what you are eating, when you are eating and you will soon be able tot tell what’s wrong in your diet and what needs to be changed. You will be able to tell exactly how many calories you are consuming daily and what nutrients does your daily diet contain. You will rapidly realize if something is not sufficient or if the intake of certain foods needs to be reduced.

Discipline and determination is the key to losing weight. Unless you use a diet chart for weight loss, you will find it very difficult to stay organized. It is recommended to use a diet chart that you consider simple and accessible because otherwise you will end up ignoring it. If you find it too difficult or complicated you will give it up soon and, instead of helping you, it will make things complicated for you. Talk to a nutritionist or to a physician and find out which are the recommended servings for you and include this information in the diet chart for weight loss. Also note down the time of your meals.

A chart containing a section for recommended and forbidden foods is also a wise idea because you will know at any point what you are allowed to eat and what you need to stay away from. It is also wise to place the chart somewhere where you can easily see it, in order to avoid temptations and to always be aware of your final goal. The fridge door might be a good place.

A diet chart for weight loss is a very helpful tool and it might be exactly what you need to put you on the right track. It is important not to cheat because, after all, you are cheating on yourself.

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Ryan Mutt

Weight Loss Diet for Men and Women

When it’s about weight loss dieting, there’s always a big difference when it comes to men and women. Literally speaking, almost all women have gone through the “dieting stage”. However, when it comes to men weight loss dieting is rarely found in their dictionary. Men and women have too much obvious difference when it comes to body structure and food needs. These differences are also present and noticeable when it comes to dieting. Many people think that since men have faster metabolism than women, dieting will not be an option for them. Motives for dieting differ if you’re a man or woman. Most men are more health conscious than women. It is the primary reason why they are forced or they want to go on a diet. Dieting and woman are best friends. Society believes there’s no woman who doesn’t undergo the dieting stage. Women are physical creatures; they are created to believe that they have to be physically attractive by nature. Originally, dieting is conceptualized for women, since women from before just stayed home to wait for their husband to come. There are no computers at that time, so their only recreation is television and eating other than household chores. Women ended up being overweight that’s why dieting concept has been introduced to the world. Today, weight loss diet tips for men and women share the same concept and only differ in some ways.

It is a fact that there are also obese men that needs to undergo weight loss dieting. The number of obese men is already catching up with the number of obese women and is almost the same. There are weight loss diet tips specifically designed for men and women. Some may not be appropriate for men, and some may not be appropriate with women. Believe it or not, the best strategy for men’s weight loss diet is a non-diet strategy at all. Men just need to adjust some little about what they eat and how much of it. Reducing their alcohol intake also helps too. Most men prefer to use technical equipments to their dieting. When men need a little effort to lose weight, women need the opposite. For women, a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work with an astounding amount of self discipline are needed to lose weight successfully. It’s not exaggeration, it’s just the truth. Women have slower metabolism than men. They need to commit a lot of their time and mind energy to be successful on dieting. Other than reducing their food intake, women need to exercise two times than men. Since women participate less in sweat-producing activities that burn calories, they need to double the effort in every step of dieting.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, dieting should be an option for you if you think you are gaining more weight than what is expected of you. There may be specific weight loss diet tips for men and women, but all in all, each of them will only lead to one goal and that is losing weight.

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Eating Plans To Lose Weight For Men – Lose Weight in 8 Weeks!

Eating Plans To Lose Weight For Men

Before presenting the best and most proven diet for men to lose weight in just several weeks, allow this article to discuss the advantages of men over women when it comes to weight problems and how they view it.
Unlike most women, several men deny that they have weight problems until their GP sets out the red signal. Most of them carry the fats around their belly making them have the apple-shaped body type.

This puts men at risks for diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure. However, men handle this situation calmly, unlike women who, more often than not, panic. Rather than working their best to have the body of Brad Pitt, men endeavor to have fitter, better and healthier body. Their minds have realistic ways of thinking.

For another thing, men need more calories than women do. This works at men’s advantage for they can lose weight in the presence of higher calorie intake. Also, the proportion of muscle mass in Men is higher than in women. Again, this serves as another advantage point since muscles are needed in metabolism. As they say, the more muscles, the faster the metabolic rate is and the more calories are burned. Eating Plans To Lose Weight For Men

Majority of men do not support the idea of going on a diet especially when it is associated with women. One fact about diet is its relativity. Some diets do not work on all women and this should hold true particularly in men. Men should not have their diet patterned after women.

The best-proven diet for men is the non-diet scheme. By knowing the specific amount of calories they need, they can work on making their own meal plan bearing in mind that healthful foods are the ones that make the body rather fit and not fat. This introduces into the diet more fruits and vegetables and lesser fat foods (especially meats). The following points can add to the achievement of their weight goal in just several weeks:

1. Cut out on alcohol consumption particularly beer.
2. Start exercising or engaging in sports-like activities
3. Drink more water.

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High Protein Recipes for Weight Loss

High protein diets are generally recommended for those who are either trying to lose weight or into body building. Here are some healthy high protein recipes to help you lose weight.


Miso Vegetable and Tofu Salad


Miso 6 oz
Mirin ½ cup
Sake ¼ cup
Sifted sugar   3 tablespoons
Bite sized vegetables   4 cups
Red pepper flakes 1 teaspoon
Grilled or baked tofu   12 oz


Cut the tofu into small bite sized pieces. Combine the miso, mirin, sake and sugar in a sauce pan and set it to boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer for around 20 minutes, until the dressing thickens up a bit. Add the red pepper flakes and then remove it from the heat. Set the dressing to cool. Set another pot of water to boil. Add salt and take the bite sized vegetables (such as broccoli florets, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, etc.) and blanch them in the hot water for a little more than one minute. Remove the vegetables from the hot water and then run cold water over them. Put the vegetables into a large bowl and then pour out about one third cup of the dressing over the vegetables till they are well coated. Add the tofu now and toss well with the vegetables. You may sprinkle some of the red pepper flakes to suit your taste.


Grilled Turkey Salad


Grilled turkey breast 1 pound
Mushrooms (cut in half) 12 to 16
Tomatoes (cut in half) 12 to 16
Red onion 1
Coarsely chopped parsley ½ cup
Sweet red pepper   1
Dijon mustard dressing   ½ cup
Freshly ground black pepper according to taste
Mixed salad greens   4 cups



Peel the onion and slice it into thin pieces. Then separate the rings. The red pepper must be seeded, cored and then cut into thin long strips. Take the salad greens and chill them. Cut the grilled turkey using a sharp knife into 1.5 inch strips. Take a large mixing bowl and combine the tomatoes, turkey, mushrooms, chopped parsley and the sweet red pepper strips. Now coat the ingredients in the mixing bowl with the dressing. Line plates with lettuce and serve the salad on to them. Sprinkle some ground black pepper according to taste.


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