Men’s Health – Low Carb Diet Health Tips for Men

In this article we will examine a number of ways in which men ‘s health and fitness can be improved. The most important tip of all is that a man who exercises regularly, every day. Of course, there’s no need to be away, there are a lot of information out there about fitness and exercise plans.

Do a quick Internet search will find dozens of programs for the problems to human health and fitness programs.

However,For many people the idea of creating an exercise program seems a little ‘complicated, but it is interesting. But back to the basics they need is a system that takes about 30 minutes three times a week. But what is even more important that sport is not a formal. In fact, when you build into their normal daily life. For example, you can easily walk to work every day, instead of only on foot orcould take the stairs to his office instead of an elevator. Also, if you really want to keep the heart healthy for all aerobic exercises such as walking to running, jogging, swimming, cycling and racket sports some might consider the preamble. However, it is important that any exercise that does not work out, but not strong enough to speak, able to.

But for the people that before starting any new fitness program for overweightshould consult a doctor. Without doubt, it is not the best way to get fit and healthy, only to lose weight, but you need to combine it with exercise and healthy diet. You must consume the amount of fat, sodium, sugar and calories you cut, but also increase the amount of fiber you eat. This can be achieved by eating lots of fruits and vegetables for a body type that require the high carbohydrate. But food for the type of protein, more Protein-rich foods in a diet low in carbohydrates, the absence of carbohydrates, the body burn fat faster hook.

Unfortunately, many people today are nothing like their bodies and health and welfare of cooperation. Thus, for many people who really have no idea of their current health status. They do not know how to measure where they go or advice when needed.

So if you want to know more about men ‘s so> Health then I suggest you keep quiet about the Internet and see what information can be found. There are many sites out there today will provide advice and support for the “diet low in carbohydrates, and how to get fit and stay fit.

How To Make A Diet Chart For Weight Loss

One of the best ways to ensure effective monitoring of one’s efforts losing weight is by the use of a diet chart for weight loss. If one continually watches their progress in their weight loss endeavour, a positive result such a losing a kilo will do wonders in motivating them to keep on pushing forward and finally succeed in their weight loss battle. Stepping on a scale to see and be pleasantly surprised to see that you have lost 5 pounds will surely encourage you to stick to your diet religiously and exercise a little bit more. Satisfaction and complacency will surely replace the feeling of hunger, starvation or exhaustion that you imposed upon yourself while dieting and exercising.

Inability to make a diet chart for weight loss will have negative effects such as cheating and completely abandoning your diet. The absence of a chart will make it easy for you to quit in times where you feel the rate of your weight loss or the efficacy of your diet of choice becomes questionable. These will in turn result for you to overeat and gain more weight which should have been prevented and shouldnt have taken place had you only had your diet chart. This chart will also be a reference as well as a guide that you can check from time to time. Failure of tracking and seeing the progress of your diet will result to losing your interest and eventually cessation of your efforts in losing your unwanted pounds.

Making your own diet chart for weight loss is as easy as pie. Weight, time and date are the most important details of the chart. Failure to get one of the three important data can result to inaccurate information in your chart. As these three are the basic information need, adding supplemental information is not discouraged at all. Some people want a more detailed chart where the food that they eat, its ingredients and the like are included n the chart. Whether to use a detailed diet chart for weight loss or not is definitely out of the question for as long as its purpose of motivating you is served, all is well with the chart.

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Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

The Incredible Success of a Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet.

Consuming a vegetarian weight loss diet can be one of the best ways to take extra pounds off and to keep them off for good. If you are someone who has been looking to lose weight, chances are that you have tried numerous different diet plans that simply haven’t worked for you. Even if you were successful at initially losing weight, those lost pounds always seem to find their way back. You don’t have to worry about these issues when you follow a vegetarian diet that’s packed with nutritious foods!

There are a couple of differences in your average vegetarian diet and one that’s designed to help you lose weight. This is simply because when there is extra fat to lose, keeping a limit on consumed calories is necessary. But once you have lost the weight that you’d like, you can stop focusing on limiting calories and you can start focusing on living life in delicious abundance.

What Makes up a Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet?

There are four major food categories that make up a healthy vegetarian diet, and there is no exception just because you happen to be trying to get rid of some excess weight. These food groups include fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. In order to understand what a vegetarian weight loss diet can do for you, it’s important to understand what each of these categories entail.


The first thing to understand is that not all grains were created equally. In fact, all refined grains should be eliminated from your diet plan for good. They don’t offer any nutritional value and they add a bunch of empty calories to your daily consumption. Instead, focus on whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, couscous, oats, millet and more. Consuming whole grains on a regular basis can help you to fight hunger, to keep blood glucose levels normal and to provide you with necessary vitamins and minerals found in them.


The legume family includes beans, nuts and seeds including lentils, sunflowers seeds and hemp seeds. These foods provide a vegetarian weight loss diet with plenty of healthy fats that are needed, protein to help keep hunger at bay, and enzymes known to help fight some cancers. Eat a wide range of legumes such as black beans, kidney beans, peas, almonds and cashews.

Fruits and Vegetables

One can never get enough fruits and vegetables, especially when following a vegetarian weight loss diet. These foods are fabulous sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease and even diabetes. Almost all fruits and vegetables are low in calories, and they’re easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

Incorporating a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes can help you to fight the bulge for a final time, without ever having to worry about your waist line again. Following a vegetarian weight loss diet for life can help you feel energized, healthy and ready for whatever life has to offer.



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Balanced Diet Meal

Sorbets and fruit salads are the best choice for dessert.

There is nothing nicer than having a piece of Tiramisu or cheesecake but not only are they high in fat and other nasties such as processed and refined sugar but they have a very high caloric content too. You are much better off ordering something equally as tasty and much healthier for you by choosing a flavoured sorbet which is made from water and is virtually fat free or a fruit salad which again is low in fat, tastes great, and is full of naturally occurring sugar, is low GI which means it fills you up and full of those wonderful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals our bodies really need.

Choose tomato-based sauces over cream based sauces.

Always choice a tomato based sauce over the cream based option. They are equally yummy and tomatoes themselves are good for weight loss, rich in fiber and antioxidants and maintaining heart health, and may assist with lowering blood pressure and even prostrate cancer. Most tomato based sauces are water based and are relatively low in calories, are full of vitamins and minerals and are relatively low in fat. If you are at an Italian restaurant your best choices would be pasta Napolitana, Puttanesca, or Arrabiata.

Keep Drinking Water.

We all know how water is the elixir of life. It purifies our systems from daily toxins and keeps our hair, skin and muscles, digestive and bowel systems, in fact our whole bodies alive and working in tip top gear. It cleanses the kidneys and the liver which our filters that help keep our systems clean. In order to keep your systems running at the optimal level always top up with your water. If you are exercising, a sip from your water bottle every 15 minutes is ideal, this will help keep you hydrated. Remember to drink your 6-8 glasses a day (that’s only 250ml or a normal cup) and more in hot weather or when you are training outdoors. If you don’t like the taste of plain water try adding a little lemon juice or a tiny amount of low joule flavoured cordial. Room temperature water is much more easily absorbed by our bodies rather than cold water too! And to have that feeling of fullness, you can avoid overeating too by simply having a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal. Pretty simple huh?

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Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet Plan – Free Diet Plan For Bodybuilders

Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet Plan

If you go to the bookstore or look online, you’ll quickly notice that there’s no shortage of diet books or websites. It seems that everyone and their brother has a book that guarantees to show you the secret of weight loss. Some of these diet books and websites are actually pretty good. Many of them have good, healthy information about losing weight. A few even have tips for dieting to add muscle too.

Unfortunately, most of the time diet books and the free diet plans you find on a website are geared toward everyday people who want to lose a few pounds of body fat. It can be difficult to find a free diet plan that is focused on bodybuilders. The same eating plan that might help a person who doesn’t work out seriously usually isn’t much help at all to someone who is serious about making gains at the gym. Bodybuilders have more advanced nutritional needs than people who don’t hit the weights hard.

Why Are Bodybuilding Diets Different?

Bodybuilders are concerned, first and foremost, with adding as much muscle mass to their bodies as is possible. As bodybuilders add muscle, they want to minimize any body fat gains and lose existing body fat too. The average person just looking to lose a few pounds before summer vacation, or after the holidays, simply doesn’t have the same nutritional concerns that a bodybuilder has. It’s all well and good for people to lose weight in an effort to get healthy and look better, but the serious bodybuilder needs more than a low carb diet or an eating plan to lose 10 pounds in a month.

Putting on slabs of muscle is serious business. Bodybuilders tax their physiques at the gym in ways that most people don’t understand. When you’re trying to maximize the muscle mass on your body, you have to work out very hard. And when you work out this intensely your body is going to need extra nutrients to recover and build muscle mass. Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet Plan

If you picture the human body as a car, the average person is driving a standard family sedan around the neighborhood, while the bodybuilder is driving a high-performance car at top speed. You wouldn’t throw the same kind of fuel into both of these two cars. You’d want the highest grade fuel for the high performance automobile. In the same manner, bodybuilders have to fuel their bodies with nutrient-dense food that will allow them to recover from workouts and add muscle on a regular basis.

How Are Bodybuilding Diet Plans Different?

Most of the time, if you find a free diet plan in a book or magazine it’s focused on weight loss. There is very little concern in these types of diets about what kind of weight is lost. In fact, a lot of popular eating plans revolve around the concept of calorie reduction. These diets have people eating fewer calories than they burn every day in order to provoke weight loss. But this diet paradigm simply won’t work for a bodybuilder. When bodybuilders cut back too much on calories, muscle mass soon begins to diminish. No diet in the world is worth losing hard-earned muscle mass.

That’s why bodybuilder diets have to be different from mainstream diet plans. Bodybuilding diets are always going to have a heavy focus on protein intake. The building blocks of muscle tissue, amino acids, are plentiful in protein rich foods. If you’re a bodybuilder, you know how important protein intake is to your success, and if you decide to try a free diet plan that doesn’t give you enough protein you are going to sabotage yourself in the gym.

The human body is simply incapable of building new muscle mass without adequate protein intake. There are other differences between a standard bodybuilding diet plan and what you might find in traditional diet book, but protein is the main difference. Bodybuilders thrive on protein, and if a diet plan calls for a reduction in healthy, muscle-building protein it’s not a good diet for a serious bodybuilder. Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet Plan

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21 Days to Pain Free Living – Day 2

This day is about starting the path to healthy living, and before we get too crazy about getting healthy, we need to talk with our doctors. You see, many of us are seeing 3 or 4 physicians and are doing a variety of things to keep us moving, but seldom do we get everyone on the same page and talking about getting healthy.

If you have a primary care physician, they’re the one to start with. They should be the most up to date about your medicines and health history and the basics you should be concerned with. The second one to talk to is your physical specialist – ie the chiropractor, physical medicine doctor,Orthopedist or the like. If you are dealing with any of the degenerative processes of aging, then motion is going to bring life, and you can’t have motion if there’s a “hitch in your git-a-long”. So the best person to update next is the physical specialist. I’m of course partial to the chiropractor, since he/she is the most versed on whole body mechanics and has the background that is as diverse at the primary care physician. Also the chiropractor is willing to look more at the natural side of health and healing, than increasing your need for more medicines and drugs which can often hinder the process of healing.

The only down side with the chiropractor is that they should not be taking you off any of the medications. That is the job of the medical physician. Of course the chiropractor may recommend that certain medications be discussed with your primary care physician, but ultimately the decision is yours.

In this day and age of instant information, you can do some of the research yourself on the medications you are taking and the current status of your health via basic blood work and the other physical check-ups that are routinely performed in an annual physical.

So time for a check up and it’s time to get organized! Get all the health information together and bring it to your doctor. Make sure you’re all on the same page and that you and your doctors are ready to keep you on the path to living healthier and pain free for many years to come!

If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail me and we’ll answer the questions to the best of our ability.

Until Tomorrow – live healthy
Dr. Clifton Mays
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Where To Find Nutrition In Daily Foods

A nutritious diet helps to improve health down the road. A balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates is important for everyone, especially senior citizens.

Seniors in particular should focus on foods that are high in vitamins and protein, but low in cholesterol, sugar and fats. Some foods are healthier than others, although some taste better or are more fun to eat. Many seniors have difficulty eating or digesting dry foods, so soft choices should be included in the diet as well.

Knowing where to find all of the things that someone should eat can be tricky. Here is a sample on which foods are nutritious and should be included in the diet when possible. If seniors are not cooking for themselves, home healthcare agencies or family members should make sure that they are receiving well-balanced meals. Emphasis should be on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat or fat-free milk products and whole grains. Poultry, lean meats, fish, beans, eggs and nuts should be included. These increase the intake of vitamins and minerals that prevent risk for stroke, heart disease, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), those eating a healthy diet are less likely to have chronic diseases, and foods from five of the six food groups should be eaten daily. The food groups are: Fruits; vegetables; breads and cereals; milk and cheeses; meat, fish, dry beans and poultry; fats, sweets and alcohol.

Fruits and vegetables do not have cholesterol and most are low-fat. Eat them for vitamins A, E and C. Many are also high in potassium and fiber. Good sources of potassium include several varieties of beans, such as kidney, lima and soy. Bananas, apricots, cantaloupe, peaches, tomato-based foods, sweet and white potatoes are also potassium rich. Find vitamin E in items like nuts, peanut butter, wheat germ, avocados, tomatoes and blue crab. Oils such as canola, corn, olive and peanut are also good sources of vitamin E. Okra, kale, soybeans and collards are high in calcium. Eat cantaloupe, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, spinach and carrots for a high concentration in vitamin A.

Fiber helps the body regulate itself. Fiber can be found in whole grain breads and cereals; pinto, black, soy, Navy, white, lima and great Northern beans; crackers; sauerkraut, spaghetti and pasta; figs and apples. Milk and cheeses, sometimes referred to as the dairy group, are high in calcium, which especially helps seniors prevent osteoporosis and strengthen bones. Protein is considered the basic building block of the body. It helps replace cells and enzymes, which is important for seniors. Vary sources of protein with foods like meat, poultry, fish, seeds, eggs and nuts. Watch for higher levels of cholesterol in these items.

Home care specialists can also help seniors steer clear when possible of high-fat, high-sugar and high-cholesterol foods, such as sugar-based syrups, dressing, gravy, cake and chocolate. This keeps calorie and sugar intake down, for a healthier body.

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Weight Loss Charts

As a resource to help weight loss, printable weight loss charts are up there with the best of them. Anyone looking for as much help as they can to lose weight could do themselves a huge favor by using a simple weight loss chart.

This is because charts have been a basic tool used by anyone who is trying to achieve a goal. A chart that is updated regularly will show a snap shot of the users progress and will motivate and inspire. It will also show if the user is off track and needs to reassess their program to get back on track. Using a chart to help lose weight is no different to using a chart to achieve any other goal. Furthermore, finding printable weight loss charts online is not difficult since there are many sites that offer free charts that can be printed off and used.

Once you have your chart, make a note of your measurements and weight so that you know exactly where you started. Then make a note of how much weight you expect to lose per week. It is vital that when filling in your weight loss chart that you be realistic. Nothing will demoralize a dieter faster than not seeing the prescribed results. If you are aiming for three pounds weight loss per week, then that is what you should put down, putting down a figure higher than what can realistic be achieved means you’re setting yourself up for failure.

What is also great about printable weight loss charts is that achievements and goals can be very easily plotted and seen. If you hit a goal sooner than you hoped for then you know for a fact that your efforts are paying fruit. If you can see that there is no way that you will hit a particular weight when you are estimated to, then you can change and reassess your weight loss plans. And this really is the beauty of these charts. They can alert you to any necessary changes that you might need to make quickly and keep your morale high.

What these printable weight loss charts also do, is act as a great way for you to bring in the people around you who care about you. If you’re brave enough to pin one up in a public place where others can see it, they too can cheer you on towards success.

Above all use the chart as a way for you to document your progress and to keep a record of what you did and when you did it. That way you can look back and feel proud at where you started and where you have ended up!

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Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet – Diet For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet

Bodybuilding can be defined as the pursuit of lean muscle mass. The importance of a proper diet to accomplish this goal cannot be understated. In fact, many experts argue that diet can account for up to 90% of a person’s success at building their body. Fortunately, there is an easy-to-follow meal plan that works like magic to burn fat and gain muscle.

In this day and age of fad diets and trendy diets and so on, it is important to note that bodybuilding involves a lifestyle. Regular, intense and goal-oriented training sessions combined with an intelligent approach to eating will promote the development of a muscular physique that most trainees desire. What is required is discipline, patience, persistence and consistency. All of these attributes are favourable and can lead one to success in not only physique goals, but also in personal and professional pursuits.

When an individual adopts bodybuilding as a lifestyle, the physique improvements can be maintained over the long term. A steady, consistent and daily approach will prevent the agony of short-term weight loss followed by a quick regain of weight and the accompanying depression and feeling of hopelessness. Training and eating like a bodybuilder works, becomes habit-forming and eventually gives one a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

We like to adhere to the KISS (keep it simple, smart guy) principle when it comes to meal plans. So let’s not going to get too technical. We’re just going to lay it out for you. First of all, you should eat smaller meals, 5-6 times per day, 2 -3 hours apart. This will keep your metabolism going and provide your muscles (stimulated by short, intense workouts) fed with nutrients required for growth. These meals will consist of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Proper protein intake will vary according to age, gender, goals and so on. Generally speaking, each meal should contain between 25-50 grams of protein. A rule of thumb is that a healthy male trying to promote lean muscle mass should ingest 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Therefore, if your body weight is 200 pounds, a daily intake of 300 grams of protein (6 meals with 50 grams of protein each) would be required. The key is that if you are training hard, you need protein.

Sources for protein include lean meats, fish, egg whites, low fat cottage cheese and whey protein. Avoid fatty meats and try to grill your meats and do not fry them in fat. Remember to include a protein selection at each meal.

When discussing carbohydrates, it is vital to distinguish between the different types of carbs. For this discussion we will identify 3 different types of carbs: complex carbs include potatoes, yams, bread, cereals, grains, pasta and rice; simple carbs include most fruit and veggie carbs which include most vegetables and leafy greens. Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet

Fats are also a necessity but should come from the following sources: extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, nuts (almonds are best) and fish oil. The diet is very simple. For every meal, choose a portion from the protein group, the complex carb group and the veggie carb group. A good rule of thumb is that a serving size for your protein and carbs should be about the size of your fist. Have a serving of fats at 2-3 meals per day and only have simple carbs first thing in the morning at breakfast and immediately following your workout. Actually, it’s critical to have a post workout shake with whey protein and a simple carb like a banana. Bring it to the gym with you and have it while the sweat is still on your body.

Now to fine tune this diet you can do this: if you are trying to increase muscle mass and not worried too much about losing fat, eat as above. However, if you wish to accelerate fat burning, do not eat complex carbs at your last 2-3 meals of the day. Lean protein (chicken breast or fish) and salads or chunky veggies (broccoli and asparagus are excellent choices) will do the trick.

Let’s take this one step further. Here is a magic formula for extreme lean muscle mass and fat burning. For three days in a row, come hell or high water, only eat complex carbs first thing in the morning (a serving of oatmeal will do it) and immediately after your workout. On the fourth day, eat a ton of carbs. Actually cheat on this day. Eat whatever you want, but ensure that you eat sufficient protein and lots of complex carbs. This is the time to eat pizza, pasta, cake and so on.

This three day off, one day on carbs has produced fantastic results in many bodybuilders. We like it because any cravings we can put off until our “carb” day (which isn’t really that far off in the future) and then indulge at that time. The secret is to remain strict on the low carb days. This takes planning, preparation and discipline. You can do it. Once you start to see the results you get from this carbohydrate manipulation, you will find it much easier to stick to it.

This meal plan should produce such dramatic results so quickly that your friends will be asking you what you are “on”. The real secret is daily discipline. Take it one day at a time. Eat right according to the principles outlined above, manipulate your cab intake and train with intensity focusing on basic, heavy movements. This is the bodybuilding lifestyle. Engage in it and change your life, long-term and for the better. Weight Loss And Muscle Gain Diet

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Weight Loss Exercise

Lots of us live our lives like penned pets. Built to move, too often we set ourselves inside a cage. We have bodies designed for racing across the savannas, but we live a life-style created for migrating from bed to breakfast table; to the car seat; to the office chair; to the restaurant booth; to the living room couch and back to bed.
It was not always this way. Not long ago in United States, a man who worked on a farm did the equivalent of 15 miles of jogging each day; and his wife did the equivalent of 7 miles of jogging.
Today, our daily obligations of work and home keep us tied to our chairs, and if we want exercise, we need to seek it out.
Actually, health experts insist that obesity problem is probably caused at least as much by not enough physical activity as by eating too much. Hence, it’s important that individuals ought to move around.
However, that doesn’t mean a lap or two around the old high school track will offset a daily dose of donuts. Exercise alone isn’t very efficient, experts say. They contend that if you just exercise and do not change your diet, you may be able to prevent weight gain or just lose one or two pounds for a while. 
Nevertheless, it isn’t something that you’re likely to sustain unless exercise is part of an overall program. The more regularly you exercise, the easier it is to maintain your weight. Here is what to perform every day to just be sure you get the exercise you need.
1. Get quality Zzzs.
Just remember to get adequate sleep. Good sleep habits are conducive to exercise, experts point out. If you feel worn out through the day, you are less likely to get much physical activity over the day.
Furthermore, there is evidence that people who are tired are likely to eat more, using food as a substance for the rest they need.
2. Walk the walk.
It is probably the easiest exercise program of all. In fact, it might be all you ever have to do, in accordance with some professional advices of some health experts.
Gradually build up to at least 30 minutes of brisk walking five times a week. Brisk walks themselves have health and psychological benefits which are well well worth the while.
3. Walk the treadmill.
When the weather is bad, you may not feel like going outdoors. But if you have a treadmill in the television room, you can catch up on your preferred shows while you are doing your daily good turn for the weight-maintenance plan.
Most of us watch television anyway, and indoor exercise equipment enables anyone to turn a sedentary activity right into a healthy walk.
4. Seize the time.
Excuses aside, lack of time is certainly a limiting factor in most lifestyles. That is why health experts suggest a basic guideline for incorporating exercise into your schedule.
Get as often exercise as you’ll be able to that feels good without letting it interfere with your work or family life. If you should, remind yourself that you’re preventing many health problems when you stop fat gain; and keeping your health is a gift to your family and yourself.

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